Down with Norms

The first part of Jonathan’s conversation with Cheryl Harris, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Attleboro, MA.


So Jonathan wasn’t careful and inadvertently erased the deep part of his conversation with Cheryl, but she has agreed to re-record that conversation. Cheryl is great.

But for now we have the other parts of the conversation


Riliage –

This section was previously posted as Cheryl and Jonathan were recording the morning after the shootings in Charleston, SC. It is worth hearing the conversation again.



Galatians 3:23-29 – look especially at verse 28 and realize how Paul is pushing the cultural norms that many people accept without thinking about them and the shocker is that we need to continue to push the cultural norms that we continue to accept without thinking about them. Questions are important!

Watcha’ Into

Jonathan is reading Albert Schweitzer’s Out of My Life and Thought because it makes him feel lazy.


Cheryl is enjoying Barbara Brown Taylor’s Learning to Walk in the Dark – a good working looking at the presence of darkness in the spiritual journey and how that might not be a bad thing.



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Next episode: the first part of THE LIVE SHOW!