Charleston Shooting - Pastors' Response

Guest Hosts – Cheryl Harris – Sr. Pastor of 1st Baptist Church of Attleboro, Ma

A special edition episode. Yesterday, 6/17, there was the tragic shooting at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, SC at which nine people were murdered. This morning Jonathan and Cheryl had already scheduled a recording for an episode that will come out later next month, but they spent a good amount of time talking about these shootings and what churches can do in response. Because it is such a timely issue and because so many wonder about how to respond, we are posting this segment out of order. We hope that this conversation offers a platform for reflection. Racism is still a challenge for America and demands our attention on level of the small as well as the broad. Churches should be a place where people can have an honest conversation about racism, lets pray that we can work towards that place of honesty so that we can begin to work towards being a beloved community as a church and for our nation. Thanks for listening.