Two pastors were getting together for food, beer, and conversation about churchy stuff and out of that came the podcast Twelve Enough. They wanted a place for critical thinking, progressive ideas, and grass roots Christianity to be discussed and considered. Since then the podcast has brought in a number of great guest hosts, considered a variety of topics, and has reached tens of people.

The blog, Theological Snob, started as a place for a certain doctoral student to reflect, muse, and rant about the copious amount of theological tomes that he had to read. It has now become a place for continued reflections on readings, rants about things churchy, cultural, or personal, and a place for the high quality theology that is kept in the ivory towers of the academy to be shared with the peoples. It is a blog that could lead to a revolution, but more likely will be a go-to place to cure insomnia.

Jonathan Malone is the primary force behind the podcast and the blog (but he is always looking for help). Jonathan earned his PhD in theology through the University of Dayton, did his seminary training at Andover Newton Theological School, and spent a lot of time learning musical things like counterpoint, theory, and how to make piss-poor bassoon reeds. He still plays the bassoon, but not on his own reeds. Currently Jonathan is the Senior Pastor of the First Baptist Church of East Greenwich, RI and enjoys hiking, playing ultimate (frisbee), and trying to find a safe place for he and his wife to hide from their children. Jonathan can be contacted at 

Rev. Darin R. Collins, a Maine-iac exiled in Rhode Island has pierced ears, tattoos, plays guitar passionately but poorly, and is a Lord of the Rings & Dr. Who geek. He currently preaches at Berean Baptist Church in Harrisville RI. 

Current Area’s of Theological Inquiry: Poverty, consumerism and economics, Liberation Theology, Christian Social Ethics

Rob Manzinger is a pastor, writer, professor, and can produce a movie quote for most any occasion on cue.  He loves guitar music--the harder the rock or blues--the better.  But he can’t play a lick.  Except his stereo.  As for education, he has a Ph.D. in theology, philosophy, and cultural studies from the University of Denver and the Iliff School of Theology; in DU’s philosophy department, he was simply known as “The Rev.”  He is an American Baptist pastor who is currently taking some time off to write a series of spiritual essays.  Rob has no wife, no children, and very little gray hair. As spring blossoms and summer beckons, he is likely out riding his mountain bike.  Rob can be contacted at