The Live Show! (Part 1)

On June 27, in the Sheraton Hospitality Suite Jonathan hosted 11 other American Baptists for an amazing, powerful, not to be missed live show during the American Baptist Churches national gathering. It was epic.

Riliage –

Guests for this section include: Jeff Savage, Travis Norvell, Kimberly Salico-Diehl, and Joe Kutter. All pastors – some retired, some just getting going, some in the height of their work, and all very angry. Don’t drive slowly in the passing lane!


Matthew 18:15-20. Guests were Michael Strickland, David Gregg, Erica VanBrakle, and Tom Wiles. The conversation was around the nature and role of community.

Watcha’ Into

Guests were Jerrod Hugenot, Tasha Wilson, and Erica VanBrakle (sitting in for her husband). Read comics, watch BBC America, and take care of yourself.


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