Not Easy Listening

We hear the deep section of Jonathan’s conversation with Delvyn Case, composer, conductor, and Associate Professor of Music at Wheaton College (Norton, MA).

In this conversation, Delvyn and Jonathan talk about the nature of the arts in the religious arena. Both Del and Jonathan feel that the arts are not necessarily meant to be a salve for people speaking to the lowest common denominator of experience, but something that can offer a depth of experience drawing the individual into more profound truth wherein one may encounter the divine. The arts can be beautiful and pretty and easy to listen to, but should not always feel this way. There are times when we are in the hell and the pain of our life and want to have a mouthpiece through which we can expand our articulation of our pain and pathos. This can be a potent way in which the arts can be experienced.

We have the opportunity to listen to all of Delvyn’s Perichoresis for Brass Quintet, and a selection of Tenebrae factae sunt and de Chirico’s Dream

Go to Delvyn’s website to listen to full versions of his works as well as other things that he has composed (like Rocket Sleigh).


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