A "Doritos Casserole" of Suffering

elvyn Case, composer, conductor, and Associate Professor of Music at Wheaton College (Norton, MA) joins Jonathan for the first part of their conversation.


Not only is Del a great composer (as we hear from a segment in the Riliage), but a good spiritual thinker. Check out his website and listen to some of his compositions. For this episode we start with the Riliage, Scripture and Watcha’ Into. Next episode will have the deep conversation about spirituality and music.

Riliage –

Jonathan wants authenticity in politics instead of the pandering that is seen again and again. We need more cranky curmudgeon folks who just don’t care what other people think… but are still compassionate and full of empathy.

Del is angry about Christians who take an absurd stance against drinking based on scripture. It isn’t a good case to hold. He also doesn’t “like” when people misuse quotations.


The book of Job – small, light, and easy. There is a selection of Del’s work Number the Clouds on this section – you can hear the entire piece on Del’s website

Watcha’ Into

Jonathan is into Shostakovich – or maybe he is just trying to impress Del so that Del will finally write that bassoon sonata. Listen for Jonathan’s great singing representation of Shostakovich’s 9th symphony.

Del is into summer and being outdoors. Who isn’t? (get out of the basement and enjoy the sun!)


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Next episode: the deep conversation with Delvyn Case – music, the arts, and spirituality