The Ecumenical Council of Smith Hill

uest Host – Father Jakob Thibault, pastor of the Church of the Holy Paraclete in Providence, and Father Anthony, Doug Perkins, pastor of St. Michaels Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Woonsocket. Doug’s blog and podcast, OrthaAnalytica, is worth the listen and the visit.

The rest of the conversation that we heard in episode 3a, “Are You Proud, Mary?” Doug and Anthony like to talk. They like to talk a lot, so in this episode we hear the rest of what they had to share. No main topic, but listen to the rest and understand what a big deal it is to not only have an Orthodox and a Catholic with a Baptist, but also what a big deal it is to have two libertarians with a “socialist” (or so claims Doug about Jonathan).

Rialage –

Jonathan starts with complaining about churches placing the institution/building over Christ. People love their church, really love their church, and kinda like Jesus too.

Doug continues the rant with his own being tired and letting criticism get to him. Come on, Doug, be a better person!

Jakob has no problems or concerns except for whoever took the eye-hook from the front of the church. They need it back.


John 2:1-5 – don’t focus so much on the water-to-wine part, but on the relationship between Jesus and Mary.

Watcha’ Into

Jonathan is watching Anime! Specifically Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan), and loving it.

Jakob is enjoying the book Road to Serfdom by Freidrich Hayek and building walls and gardening. Jakob is super mellow.

Doug is reading graphic novels and specifically recommends the Civil War series with Marvel

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Next episode: Bible and worship with Tim Rich