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Season 6, Episode 4

Bible Suite, Movement 4 – The Bible withWorship

Guest Host – Rev. Tim Rich, the pastor of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in East Greenwich, RI

First off, Jonathan misspoke when he introduced the episode and said it was episode 3 – wrong, it is the 4th episode of this great 6th season.

Not a great place to start, but Jonathan does his best to recover and move forward. He is joined by Tim for a second time, in Tim’s beautiful home to discuss the use of scripture in worship. He also joined by Snickers, the dog, who does his best to make his opinion known.

As the conversation moves on it becomes clear that the Bible should be used for more than just a passage to guide the sermon, but can inform and guide every aspect of worship. In fact, scripture should do more than just offer some prayers and a sermon text, but could and should give a believer a “grammar” for being a Christian. If the work (worship) of the people is indeed the prayers and thus the faith of the people, then good worship can lead to good lives in following Christ. By using scripture in every aspect of worship possible, we are offering a way of speaking and living as a Christian. Now who better to offer this than the Episcopalians. They are the folks who use scripture in almost every aspect of their worship (although many of them may not realize it). The Episcopal liturgy is littered with scripture, it is a well thought out and well written way of worshipping that uses scripture at every opportunity. The moral – use a high liturgy and get a lot of scripture in your worship. Take that you independent Baptist churches!

Rialage –

Jonathan is ticked off about Ebola. More to the point, the ways in which people have overreacted about Ebola, have mistreated people who try to help those who are suffering with Ebola, and who have created a culture of fear around the whole thing.

Tim has issues with politics, with the ads, with the lying, and with the whole darn thing.


Matthew 5:1-12 – Blessed are the poor, the least, and those who do podcasts

Watcha’ Into

Tim is into money, giving, and stewardship. Give to your church! He is also reading Louise Penny’s most recent Inspector Gamache book, How the Light Gets In

Jonathan is not into raking leaves, but is into a socialists approach to Halloween candy. Share and share alike!

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