Are You Proud, Mary?

Season 6, Episode 3a – Are You Proud, Mary?

Guest Hosts – Father Jakob Thibault, pastor of the Church of the Holy Paraclete in Providence, and Father Anthony, Doug Perkins, pastor of St. Michaels Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Woonsocket. Doug’s blog and podcast, OrthaAnalytica, is worth the listen and the visit.


As stated, this is a segment of a long, but great, conversation Jonathan had with Jakob and Doug about a variety of things. For this episode we get the main topic of the conversation – Blessed Virgin Mary. As a life long, card-carrying Protestant (and a Baptist at that), Jonathan does not have much background or experience around the devotion to Mary that one might find in the Catholic or Orthodox traditions. So it makes sense for Jonathan to sit down and learn all that he can about how an appreciation for Mary can lead one closer to Christ. It is about the incarnation of Jesus. Through Mary, the mother of God, we gain insight into the idea and mystery of the incarnation of Christ. This is kinda important for basic Christian doctrine. Obviously there is more going on, there is a problem of “folk” religion and over-zealous devotion, but the admiration and respect and devotion does have a place in Christianity. Maybe Jonathan has learned something? Probably not.

The Chick Track that Jonathan mentioned in the beginning of the episode can be found here.


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Next week the rest of the trilling conversation!