Mo' Money, Mo' Money

Guest Host – Rev. Dr. Bill Trench, Senior Pastor of the East Greenwich United Methodist Church – check out his blog

After all of the times Jonathan has mentioned the Methodists in a variety of different ways, it was high time that he had one for an episode. Bill Trench brings his “A” game to discuss economics, faith, and justice.

It is no surprise that Bill likes to bring in the ideas of John Wesley into the conversation. Methodists say they have four sources of authority, but we all know they have five – reason, experience, tradition, scripture, and Wesley. Neither Jonathan nor Bill are anti-capitalism (they are not strongly pro-capitalism either), but they are anti-excess. There is a real problem with the amount that some have in comparison with the amount that others have. It is a problem when some are living in lavish excess and others in the abhorrent squalor. I suppose you could say that they are in favor of sharing the wealth.

Perhaps the summary would be to say that the voice of religion needs to have a place at the cultural table when considering matters of economics. There is something deep-seeded about religions (most of them) that pulls people to consider again and again the least of society and to ask how certain policies and practices are effecting them. So it is economic as well as political, but that is no surprise.

Remember, those who can become Christians do, those who can’t be Christians become pastors, and those who can’t be pastors become seminary professors.

Rialage –

Once again, Jonathan is on a rant about close-minded righteous pastors (and Christians in general) assuming that they are right about everything. Maybe the problem is Jonathan…

Bill jumped on that band-wagon, specifically criticizing a literal/fundamentalist approach to scripture


Mark 14:3-9 – yes, there will be poor always but that doesn’t mean we can ignore them. On the other hand we need to take advantage of those moments when we can enjoy the fullness of the presence of Christ.

Watcha’ Into

Jonathan enjoyed the 2011 HBO documentary Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory

Bill is digging the William Barclay commentaries and cruising in his Mustang. He is not doing both at the same time (unless it is at a red light?)

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