The Many Faces of Jesus

Guest Host – Rev. Phineas Marr, pastor of the First BaptistChurch of Kenosha, WI and Adjunct Professor of Religion at Carthage College

Bible Suite, Movement 3 – The Gospels

Our first ever Skype episode – still working out the kinks, but it is promising. For this episode Jonathan is joined by his old friend and one-time mentor Phin Marr. Jonathan and Phin ponder why it is that we have four different stories of Jesus. Really, shouldn’t one be enough?

Each gospel offers a different perspective of Jesus, a different approach and understanding of who Jesus is and there may be some wisdom to this. You can never know someone fully through just one perspective, so with four we find a greater depth to the person and work of Jesus Christ. Perhaps then you can try to offer a fifth perspective (and we always like a fifth) – which would be yours. Listen to the episode, their pithy summary of the different gospels, and consider what your story of Jesus might be.

Rialage –

Phin is from New Jersey, so he is always anger. However, he is especially angry about people telling lies to convince youth to become Christian. Are we really that desperate to bring people to Christ?

Jonathan is angry about the remake of the Left Behind movie. Wasn’t once enough?


2 Corinthians 5:16-17

Free yourself from literal reading!

Watcha’ Into

Phin isn’t really sure what he is into. He certainly isn’t into the pop radio top 10, but recommends that people listen to the Beatles classic, The White Album. He also likes Flash, and Gotham

Jonathan is reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith. He has a blog post here.

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