East Coast, West Coast Riliage!

 It is the meeting of the coasts! Jonathan continues to record from Rhode Island (East Coast) and Roy Donkin is recording from Goleta, California (West Coast). Somehow the inter-waves were able to make the connection from one place to the other. Roy is the pastor of the Cambridge Drive Community Church in Goleta. Roy is joining Jonathan for the Riliage episode. The challenge for Roy is that he has gotten so relaxed due to his time in Santa Barbara area that it is not easy for him to get angry. Lucky for us, Roy is still able to dig deep and find something to get angry about.


Roy is angry about Mega Churches. He is not angry about the churches themselves, but about people who go to those churches. And it is not all people who go to those churches, but those who go who do not really agree with the spirituality and theology of the churches. Yet they go anyway because the music is good, the children’s program is good, and it meets all of their needs for the immediate time. This, for Roy, doesn’t make sense when thinking of one’s longer term sense of spiritual growth, or of the spiritual growth of their children. Find a spiritual home that will work for you in the long-haul!


Jonathan is angry that Garage Band was updated in such a way that he does not have any choice about the changes. This is classic old-man Malone ranting about the changes that are thrust upon him, forcing him to do things that are new and different. Maybe Jonathan will realize that with change and growth comes pain and it is likely that this is what Jonathan is encountering. Growth and change.


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