20-Sided Joy

A “Watcha’ Into”  Episode!

Roll the dice, pick a card, keep your stats in mind, and play a game! Preston Fuller joins Jonathan to talk about European, Designer games and how they can bring someone to salvation… or at least create a lot of fun. Preston is the pastor of Tilton-Northfield United Methodist Church and the Franklin United Methodist Church, both in New Hampshire.


There is a growing niche of people who enjoy getting together, thinking, working together, competing at times, and maybe sharing conversation around board games. But these are not games that Hasbro or Mattel sell, rather European Games. If you have heard of Ticket to Ride or Settlers of Catan, or The Cones of Dunshire, then you know the kind of games that Preston and Jonathan are talking about. These are games the engage at a different level of social interaction then your usual, American board games – they bring out the nerd in all of us.


The thing about games is that they create a place for engagement and interaction that may not normally happen. They help to create a community for those who may have a difficult time connecting, and this is a good thing. While it would be great for the church to be a similar kind of conduit, that is not always the case. Perhaps churches can make space for games, and thus make space for community, as particular and focused as it may be. In that community, good things can happen.


If you want any information about different games, the website https://www.boardgamegeek.com/ is a great place to explore.


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