Don't Cover Up!

12s11e9b – The Deep Conversation

What does it mean to be honest about our faith? What does it mean to let go of assumptions of how one is supposed to be a Christian? What does it mean to accept the great news that you are loved not because of what you might have done, but because of who you are? These are questions that pastor and author Steve Daugherty wrestles with in his book Experiments in Honesty: Meditations on Love, Fear and the Honest to God Naked Truth. Steve is a pastor at Crosspointe Church in Cary, North Carolina and blogs at


In the conversation, Jonathan and Steve talk about anxiety, about letting go, about trusting God. We like to know that we are in control but when it comes to faith that is not something where we can be in control. There is something exciting and scary about letting go and falling completely into the presence of God in your life. It can be so freeing to let go and to invite God into your life in such a way that you do not have to be perfect or controlling or anything else of that nature.


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