Broad Views of Scripture

Jonathan is joined by Tony Bartlett. Tony is the resident theologian of the Bethel House project of the Wood Hath Hope Community.


The Deep Conversation

Tony Bartlett has written a book. Actually, he has written a number of books, but one specifically that Jonathan has read and that the two talked about. Seven Stories: How to Study and Teach the Nonviolent Bible. Tony is offering a great work that can be a teacher’s guide for a comprehensive Bible study or to offer an individual’s read of scripture that embraces the notion of non-violence.


Using Rene Girard, Bartlett is offering a reading of scripture that moves out of the place of violence. Now, of course, Jonathan doesn’t want to spend time talking about that, but instead about Rahner and hermeneutics and the Holy Spirit and such. He is a knit-picky kind of person who can’t just accept what he reads for what it is.


Regardless, the Bible is an important book that does not have to be only about violence as many may say that it is. The Bible is about God’s redemption, love, and non-violent way to live. Tony offer to guide you in this liberating way of reading the Bible.


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