New Heights of Anger?

Riliage and Scripture with this episode. Phineas Marr and Adam Erickson join Jonathan for deep conversation around God, people getting angry, and the Bible. And... finally Adam and Jonathan get to discuss Ascension Sunday again.

Riliage –

Phinn Marr (pastor of 1st Baptist Church of Kenosha, WI) is getting broad and deep with his anger. It is not over one thing in particular, but the overall ethos of the nation. Jonathan is right with him and they start to sound like two old dudes complaining about how things are not as good as they used to be, even though they never were as good as they used to be.


We are glad to have Adam Erickson back to discuss scripture again! Adam is the pastor of Clackamas United Church of Christ.

Adam and Jonathan discuss Ephesians 1:15-23 – the text for Ascension Sunday – it should be a conversation that takes you to new heights!


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