Make Your Life Yummy!

It is a tasty podcast! Kristen Lyon joins Jonathan for this great conversation about call and commitment and great food. Kristen is a chef at The Jefferson Farm Kitchen and can be found at

The Deep Conversation

Jonathan is always interested and excited to meet someone who has found their passion and who fully engages in that passion. There are risks involved in following such a passion, risks that are important and valuable but not easy. Kristen has taken risks, has struggled, and has engaged with her passion and calling. This is an important conversation that looks at the desires and the pull to live into a passion and calling. We all have a pull and what a blessing it is when we can respond in a positive way. A difficult but profound blessing.

Also – try to eat well in a way that does the least damage to the environment as possible.


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Next episode – more riliage, scripture, and the like