Don't Ask If You Don't Want to Know

A Riliage Episode

 We are joined again by April Beth Wiles! April Beth hasn’t been on the episode in a while and it is great to have her, to hear her wisdom, and her deep, deep rage. Check out her work at  April Beth and Jonathan are just doing the riliage for this episode, and there is a lot to rile about.

Jonathan is angry about the Kavanaugh Trial, and all the ugly baggage that is connected with that circus.


April Beth is calmer, cooler, more connected with the bigger picture and calls people to be aware of those who are living with chronic illnesses. So often we in the church community do not give the kind of support that we should. The road to misery is paved with well-meaning gestures. Try to be a little more understanding of those who struggle with a chronic illness!


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