A Place to Belong


Erica Van Brakle joins Jonathan for a conversation about denominations and church structure. Erica is the pastor of the First Baptist Church of La Grange, IL and professional American Baptist supporter. She really loves being American Baptist!

The Deep Conversation

It is hard to do church these days and for many the idea of having an organization that you need to support and follow and keep up with can be more than one really needs. Maybe denominations get in the way. One the other hand, denominations can offer support, connections, and help in many ways.

Erica and Jonathan get right into the pluses and minuses of denominations. While they are both American Baptists and talk mostly about being American Baptist, anyone who is a part of any church can make the connection. Even if you are with a “non-denominational” church it is very likely that your church is still connected or a part of other church groups.

What it comes down to is that we need relationships. We need people who will support us, help us, and challenge us. And, we can’t do mission on our own. We need to be connected and denominations, at their best, make those connections. So be active and involved with your denomination.

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