New Beginnings

We are trying something a little different with this episode. Instead of having one guest for all of the segments, Jonathan is going to talk to someone different for each. This makes life easier for the guests and a little more challenging for the producer, editor, and manager for the show, but Jonathan doesn’t seem to care about those folks. Maybe it is time to form a union…


Riliage –

Guest – Phineas Marr, pastor of 1st Baptist Church of Kenosha, WI.

Mean people and teachers with guns get Jonathan and Phin angry.




Guest – Michael Stickland, pastor of 1st Baptist Church of Atchison, KS


John 2:13-22 – Jesus gets angry in the temple, throws things around and out, and then calls people to view him differently. Michael and Jonathan discuss notions of justice and morality. Whose justice is right? Perhaps Jesus is calling people to consider a deeper justice and morality that is more connected with the Lord.


Watcha’ Into

Guest – Dan Bertwell, host of the podcast Near Mint Comic Show


This month the focus is graphic novels, and Jonathan and Dan are looking at the work Demon by Jason Shiga. It is not safe for children. But it is brilliant, challenging, and lots of fun. Dan also recommends Daytripper by Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá.


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Next Episode – The deep conversation with Erica VanBrakle – what is the point of denominations?