Lost in the Wild

Rev. Anthony (Doug) Perkins and Jonathan discuss not just the wilderness, but the ways that God may be found and engaged in the wilderness.  Dough Perkins (known to his congregation and spiritual community as Father Anthony) is the Priest/Rector of Saint Mary Protection of the Theotokos Cathedral in Allentown, PA. Doug’s blog and podcast can be found at ORTHOanalytika.

The Deep Conversation

Yes, we know that Jonathan was able to go into the wilderness and enjoy three months of hiking. We have heard all this before and it has been enough. But he cannot stop talking about it and won’t seem to stop talking about it. Good thing that Doug Perkins can step in and off a little bit of focus and direction for the conversation!


There is something about the wilderness that brings one to a thin place – a place where God is experienced differently than in the normalcy of the world. The challenges, the separation, the pace, all tend to add to the ways in which God can be engaged.

Both Doug and Jonathan agree that the wilderness experience that brings one to experience God in such a way need not be kept to just the woods themselves. What is a wilderness for one may not be so for someone else. We all find that thin place in different ways.

Instead, it is important that we all look to find our own wilderness; that place where we can encounter God differently. And then to dwell in that wilderness for as much time as necessary.


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