An End to Navel Gazing

Bringing his calm and deliberative voice to the Twelve Enough studios, Father Anthony, Doug Perkins joins Jonathan for this episode. Dough Perkins (known to his congregation and spiritual community as Father Anthony) is the Priest/Rector of Saint Mary Protection of the Theotokos Cathedral in Allentown, PA. Doug’s blog and podcast can be found at ORTHOanalytika.


Riliage –

Narcissism. Those who do not have the wear-with-all to reflect on what it is that they are saying and/or doing and how their actions may be harmful (or at the least stupid). It is not so much just one individual who receives the ire of Doug and Jonathan (although one individual does come to mind right away), but the overall sense in society that one need not be concerned with the feelings and approaches of others that gets them going.

This was recorded on World AIDS Day, reminding us that we need to continue to be aware of a disease that still hurts and destroys millions of people. We also need to be aware of the stigmas that are often attached with AIDS and how those stigmas add to the harm of such an awful disease.



Exodus 24:16-18 – Go to the mountain and find God and share this experience of God with others


Watcha’ Into

Doug is enjoying Robert Jordon’s Wheel of Time series of books

Jonathan has a guilty pleasure – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia


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Next Episode – Doug and Jonathan discuss the wilderness and encountering God