Fallen Heroes

In effort to keep things new and fresh, this episode is latter that we intended it to be posted. Almost 10 days later. Sorry about that. But the scripture still holds, the riliage is still good. The "Watcha Into" will be a separate episode.

Riliage –

Guest – Phineas Marr, pastor of 1st Baptist Church of Kenosha, WI is back for riliage. He is angry about white evangelicals, especially how they lift up one strong leader that we all can get around and follow.


Guest – Michael Stickland, pastor of 1st Baptist Church of Atchison, KS

John 12:20-33 – the “Greeks” want to see Jesus suggesting that outsiders are now looking to become a part of the movement. This is a big change moment for the ministry of Jesus.

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Next Episode – The deep conversation with Michael Denton about The Lord’s Supper and Social Justice