Talking Pictures (Without Making a Sound)

Just “Watcha Into” this time. Again, very different, but good, because it is just about a Graphic Novel. If you are talking about a graphic novel then it is always, always, always going to be good!

We are trying to get these podcasts out more regularlly, but with Easter...


Watcha’ Into

Guest – Wes Sun, Communications Director for Sun Bros Studios, American Baptist Clergy, and the director of Field Education and Community Engagement with the University of Chicago Divinity School.

This month the focus is graphic novels, and Jonathan and Wes read Wonder Woman: The True Amazon, by Jill Thompson. Another great work that offers good thoughts on what it means to be a leader, or a hero.

Just to be clear – they actually enjoyed the book. I really did. They are also hyper-critical individuals.


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Next Episode – The deep conversation with Michael Denton about The Lord’s Supper and Social Justice