Heavy and Light

Adam Ericksen is back! Adam is the education director for The Raven Foundation as well as the minister of Faith Development at Lake Oswego UCC, and now becoming a regular guest on the show.

Riliage –

Adam just brings it home with a very real riliage about cancer. He discusses the difficulty that so many of us wrestle with when we struggle with such pointless loss, the anger, the feeling of hopelessness, and the mess of the grief. It is a good and important riliage.

Jonathan is angry about yard work. After Adam’s riliage his complaining seems so petty and ridiculous. Having said that, it is wrong to do yard work in the rain. So very wrong!


John 14:15-21 – faith and trust and trying to live into the commandments of Jesus. Not easy stuff for sure, but there is an assurance to be found with the presence of the Holy Spirit


Watcha’ Into

Jonathan is into hiking – at the time of recording he is getting ready for his Sabbatical – at the time of posting he is back but is still into hiking.

Adam is into Bruce Springsteen’s biography Born to Run and, keeping with the running theme, is into running half-marathons.


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Next Episode – It is time to discuss the Ascension with Adam and to get deep!