Going Up!


I know, you missed Ascension Day and all of the celebration that goes along with that. Wait, you don’t know what Ascension Day is? Well, then this is the episode for you. Adam Ericksen and Jonathan discuss this important theological recognition, using the book, He Ascended into Heaven by Tim Perry and Aaron Perry. Don’t forget to check out Adam’s activity with The Raven Foundation.

The Deep Conversation

As you listen to this episode you can tell that Jonathan and Adam are actively working out the theology of the Ascension and how it is related to the humanity and divinity of Jesus. The move to the idea that the ascension is essential, but the lack of a well-thought-out theology of the ascension, and the role of creeds and the like.

We don’t often think about the Ascension itself, but it is an essential part of a robust Christology. If Christ eventually dies (if there is no Ascension), then we have to re-think that part of the Trinity. But if Christ rises to be with God, then the hope of life beyond death is a reality in the here and now.

It gets complicated and confusing because we are talking about a mystery, but it is an essential mystery to consider.


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