We welcome back Darin Collins, pastor of the Berean Baptist Church. Darin and Jonathan go back a long way and love finding opportunities to get together. Darin’s offspring, “E” was with them at the time and had some thoughts to offer as well from time to time.

Riliage –

Darin and Jonathan are both angry and disappointed with their people – that being white people. In responding to a recent poll, a significant amount of white people in the United States feel that white people face discrimination in one form or another. For Jonathan and Darin this is absurd. Darin puts it well, that such feelings show a lack of awareness of the roots and systematic depth of racism in our country. Jonathan just throws up his hands in frustration.


John 3:1-12 – Darin offers a “Reformation” view of this passage, suggesting that there needs to be an ongoing process found in one’s baptism. Jonathan is just happy to be joining in the Reformation celebration.

Watcha’ Into

Darin is excited about Netflix – especially the second season of Stranger Things and the show Glow

Jonathan is reflecting and writing about his hiking experiences and the Beckett play Waiting for Godot


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Next Episode – Darin and Jonathan get relaxed talking about sabbatical