Both Jonathan and Darin Collins were able to take a sabbatical this past summer, and want to be sure that their folks realize that it was not just a time of relaxing and doing nothing. It was a good and important time. Darin Collins is the pastor of Berean Baptist Church in Burrillville, RI. His offspring, “E” also makes appearances during the podcast.

The Deep Conversation

Sabbatical is something that seems to be reserved for professors to do research and something for Pastors to just take time off. But that is not the purpose of sabbatical; it is a time to recharge. Jonathan and Darin recount their sabbatical experiences, what they learned and gained from the experience and why it was important.

We all need to have time to rest and reconnect with God. We all need time to be able to reminded ourselves why it is that we are Christians and what our walk of faith looks like. If you can give your pastor a sabbatical then you should – she or he deserves it! If you can take some time for yourself then you should – you deserve it! But make sure the time is focused on your relationship with the Lord and the ways that Christ is calling you in your relationship.


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