Costumes and Culture

For his kinda second appearance, David VanBrakle is on the show. David was on the first live show, a while ago, but never the only guest, so while this is David’s second time on the show it feels a lot like his first appearance. Did you follow all this?

David is the Lead Pastor at the Community Church of Wilmette, Illinois. You should check out his blog.

Riliage –

This episode was recorded the day after the horrible shooting at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. Jonathan starts the riliage about yet another shooting, yet another time when we are supposed to be upset and outraged, but not too upset or outraged. And it is getting difficult to get upset because the prevailing feeling is numbness. This is not good.

David is upset that young people today are wearing 80s costumes for Halloween – our time should not be something to be made into a costume for the amusement of others!



Amos 5:18-24 – an indictment on worship in a world of chaos. Are we true to our worship?


Watcha’ Into

Jonathan enjoyed reading Jeremiah: Pain and Promise by Kathleen O’Connor – a good book about trauma and hope

David is enjoying the photographer John White as well as taking his own pictures.


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Next Episode – David and Jonathan discuss community and Bonheoffer and the church