Everybody Hold Hands


David Van Brakle and Jonathan discuss the idea of community, the church, and the incarnation presence of Christ as it can be found within the church. David is the lead pastor of The Community Church of Wilmette, Illinois.

The Deep Conversation

You don’t have to, but it wouldn’t hurt to do a little bit of reading before listening to this episode. First, take a look at Bonhoeffer’s book Life Together. Second, read David’s blog post that is in part a response to Bonhoeffer’s book and is continuing the thoughts that Bonhoeffer offers along the idea of community. Third, read a comic book, just because it is fun to do so.

The idea of church being a community is something that may feel counter-cultural for society as well as for many churches. It is not based on a notion of getting out there and changing the world, but more on getting connected with each other and with God and in that way changing the world. The big difference is that in the church community the presence of Christ is sought and hopefully found. There is not one right way of being a community, but there are ways that engage more deeply with Christ and with each others that add to one’s faith.


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