Easy, Self-Indulgent Listening

Phineas Marr is back and better than ever. Well, maybe he is back and as good as he has ever been. Or maybe it is best just to say that Phin is back. Regardless, Phineas and Jonathan discuss morality, Sabbath, and listening to good music. Phineas Marr is the pastor of the 1st Baptist Church of Kenosha, WI and an adjunct professor at Carthage College.

Riliage –

Is it best to think about ourselves, about what works best for us, or to think of others? Jonathan is angry at those who claim that it is best to be selfish and to not consider others. Whatever is best for me is then the best and other people can struggle. Phin carries a similar rant intertwined with the notion of truth. The truth that best meets my needs is the truth that I will embrace. Both come out of a morality of selfishness which is what is getting both Jonathan and Phin angry.


Hebrew 4:1-11 – it is important, mandated, demanded by God that we rest. How often do we take that demand seriously?


Watcha’ Into

Phin is listening to the Rolling Stones top 100 and is enjoying being pushed and challenged to listen to new music.

Jonathan is enjoying the opera Nixon in China by John Adams.


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Next Episode – Phin and Jonathan talk about the challenges and blessings of pastoral care and visitation