Wanna Dance?

If you write a book then it is a sure thing that you can get on the podcast. Mike Morrell wrote a book with Richard Rohr, The Divine Dance and it is really good! Jonathan and Mike discuss the nuts and bolts of the book and get deep into the Trinity. Make sure to check out Mike’s website to order the book and find out more of the great things he is doing.


The Deep Conversation

The Trinity is one of those very complicated and very essential parts of Christianity. Because of its complexity it is often overlooked. Because of its necessity it needs to be brought again and again back into the mind of Christian. Richard Rohr and Mike Morrell wrote a great, theological, devotional book about the Trinity that can help.

Jonathan and Mike talk about the nuances of the Trinity, different points that are made in the book, and how the Holy Spirit needs to be an active part of one’s faith journey.


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