Breaking the Norms

Author, storyteller, futurist, and great thinker Mike Morrell joins Jonathan for this conversation about bad discourse, Mother’s Day, and some good things to watch. Mike is involved in a lot of great things – check out his website:


Riliage –

Mike is not the first guest on the show to complain about the lack of nuance in public discourse, and will most likely not be the last. This speaks to the level of the crisis that is happening in our nation today, and it is good to hear Mike’s take on the lack of compassion that is a part of our political/social discourse.

Jonathan does not believe that Mother’s Day is a holy day. In a brash and bold move he goes off on the “ideal” picture of the mother and the way that we are all supposed to celebrate the day. Jonathan is not angry at mothers, but at the imposed way in which we are supposed to celebrate them. A risky riliage for sure!



Revelation 22:12-13, 16-17


Watcha’ Into

With not much time left Mike and Jonathan fly through what they are into:

Jonathan watched Guardians of the Galaxy volume  2 and really enjoyed it

Mike is loving Better Call Saul and is considering a new line of work.


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Next Episode – The Deep Conversation with Mike about the book he wrote with Richard Rohr – Divine Dance