Focus on What Matters

And now, the calming voice of Father Anthony Perkins (known to his parents and friends as Doug). It is a joy to have Doug back on the show and to hear his wisdom. Doug is the Priest at the Protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church. He also blogs at Good Guys Wear Black and OrthoAnalytika. He does a lot!

Riliage –

There seems to be a convergence in riliages this episodes as both Jonathan and Doug are looking to not be distracted from all of the little things, the things that get in the way of being who they are and doing what God has called them to do. Like recording podcasts. That is the important work – recording podcasts! Just need to find someone else to edit, produce, and post them.


For this episode Doug and Jonathan consider the four different accounts of the resurrection. It is Holy Week when they recorded this, so it is on their minds. Read all four and get a sense of the different truths of Christ.

Watcha’ Into

Jonathan is watching the original Star Trek show – trying to beef up his nerd creds.

Doug is reading the book Laurus by Vodalazkin – he isn’t sure if it is good or bad, but it is wild!


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Next Episode – The Deep Conversation with Doug about history and identity