Chose Your Own History

Every conversation with Doug Perkins is going to be a deep conversation – he is just a very good thinker and cannot help it. Father Anthony, Doug, Perkins is the Priest at the Protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church. He also blogs at Good Guys Wear Black and OrthoAnalytica and can be heard at Ancient Faith Radio. He does a lot!

Get ready to get deep into the past and into history –

The Deep Conversation

 Jonathan read some esoteric book and wanted to show off about the obscure books that he has read, but Doug takes the book and goes the next step. It is a question of history and how history is told, heard, and embraced. We all have a narrative or story that we live and how we understand our story shapes how we view the world. What we find to be important comes out of what we are told is supposed to be important.

We need to understand what our history is and how it is told. It is good to have a healthy suspicion towards those things which we assume to be true or valid and to question why or if there is another way to understand events of the past. Enjoy this engaging conversation!


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