Baked-In Goodness

Did you get that joke? Maybe not until you listen to the episode, but when you realize it is about marijuana then… laughter ensues!

Josh Mancini and Jonathan discuss the notion of sin and relativity and what is legal.

Josh is the pastor at the Church of the City in Providence, and is the most up-to-date, hip pastor there is.

The Deep Conversation

Shocker of the podcast- Christians can tend to be legalistic and strict and sometimes that legalism can get in the way of other relationships. Yet we are also called to try to live a certain, upstanding kind of way. Jonathan and Josh take the Pot (marijuana) as a case study for being overly legalistic.

If marijuana is made legal (which seems to be a foregone conclusion) then is it a sin to partake? Was drinking a sin for the time that it was illegal in the United States and then no longer a sin when prohibition was repealed?

We need to ask about the meaning of sin and the relationality of sin. If you do something that breaks relationship with God or with someone then you probably should not do that. It becomes a wedge between you and others and your faith. Yet hold to who you are; don’t lie about what you believe, just do your best to make sure that it does not get in the way of other people’s faith and their relationship with God.


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