Late Nite Chills and Hellfire

Josh Mancini is back! One more episode and he gets a free t-shirt! Josh is the pastor at the Church of the City in Providence. He has been on the show as a Calvinist, as a Charismatic, so now what hat will Josh wear?

Riliage –

Jonathan is a jerk. That isn’t his riliage, just the riliage of this editor who in March witnessed two snow storms while listening to Jonathan complain about warm weather in winter. While the Twelve Enough team does not give credence to fate or omens, we are sure that it was Jonathan’s ranting about warm weather that caused the cold weather in March. Thanks, Jonathan.

Josh doesn’t like to cook. Well, maybe he does, but not at 2:00am or later for his very pregnant wife who has cravings for chicken sandwiches and the like. Sure, Josh could make the food, cook the food or something, but that is beside the point. The point is that there are no open restaurants, diners, or anything of the like and Josh’s wife is hungry. A city without a late, late night food scene is not a thriving city.

Just to note, since the recording of this podcast, the baby came and all is great!


Psalm 64 – are you angry at some people and want to get back at them? Well as Josh so eloquently said, “don’t go gettin’ no revenge” – The point is that we are to do our best to minister to all people and to trust that God’s justice is going to prevail and to let God make things happen.

Oh…. note Jonathan’s explosion over Jonathan Edwards – whee!

Watcha’ Into

Josh is into the games Powergrid which is economic, utilitarian, and lots of fun (who would have thought?)

Jonathan read the book The Alexiad of Anna Comnena


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Next Episode – the Deep conversation with Josh about legalism and pot