Live Napping

A live show that was held at First Baptist Church of East Greenwich, RI on January 21, 2017; the panel included Jonathan (of course), Cheryl Harris, pastor of First Baptist Church of Attleboro, MA and Darin Collins, pastor of Berean Baptist Church of Burrillville, RI. Two great pastors, one great show!

Since this was a live show, the format was slightly different. The guests were asked to offer their riliage and then went right to the deep conversation.

Riliage –

Loyal listeners will catch the lazy nature of this riliage from Jonathan. Just two episodes ago he made the very same complaint. Perhaps it is a meta riliage that we should have about podcast hosts who recycle their riliage. Come on Malone, step it up!

Cheryl is angry about the way that many facts are treated as relative. When we cannot stand on facts any more, and when we cannot agree on basic things, then how can we have any conversation or dialogue?

Darrin is pretty mellow, but when pushed gets angry about they way that many politicians and community leaders minimize the importance of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. To not look at his writings and sermons closely, to not take into account his well thought out theology is to miss a major part of who King is.


Deep Conversation

Sabbath and rest. Our guests talked about the importance of rest and Sabbath and how one feeds the other. We schedule vacations, we claim to have day offs, but do we really get rest? Not just sleep, but the kind of rest where you regain balance with your own life, your relationships, and with your faith.

There are a number of gems to be found in this conversation, the importance of ritual, the importance of breaking from media, the importance of being in worship, and many others. You really just need to listen to the podcast and get all of the great info for yourself.


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Next episode Jonathan and Josh Mancini get angry about weather and lack of food, discuss Psalm 64, and share what they are into.