The Most Beautiful


The deep conversation with David Gregg about beauty and aesthetics, God and nature, and Jonathan Edwards. Did you ever think beauty could be found with Jonathan Edwards?


David Gregg is currently the Interim English Language Pastor at the North Shore Baptist Church in Chicago, IL. He is also a Doctoral Candidate at the University of Chicago, and a pretty darn smart guy.


The Deep Conversation

Perhaps the most shocking thing that you are going to hear in this episode is a kind comparison of Jonathan Edwards with George Whitehead and Process Theology. Both are spinning in their graves.


It is a question of finding beauty in the world and finding the divine in that beauty. David and Jonathan start with the theologians and move into the world. They discuss the importance of the arts in brining people into that place where God is found in beauty.


It is important to not define beauty, but to consider the ways in which beauty can be experienced however it is found. The arts are not always “beautiful” by one standard, but can connect one with a beauty at a deeper level. Consider George Crumb’s Black Angels or a Jackson Pollock painting.


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