The Longest Time... In Line

This episode could also have been called, “Only the Good Die in Line,” or “We Didn’t Start the Line,” or “Scenes from an Italian Line,” or… “Piano Line.” See the Riliage to get the joke (warning: it isn’t a very funny joke).

David Gregg joins Jonathan for this first part of the episode where they discuss Billy Joel, getting in lines, scripture, and what they are into. David Gregg is currently the Interim English Language Pastor at the North Shore Baptist Church in Chicago, IL. He is also a Doctoral Candidate at the University of Chicago.


Riliage –

Jonathan does not like <<pause for effect>> Billy Joel. GASP!! That is not what makes him angry, but more the assumption that everyone should like Billy Joel no matter what and if you do not like him then there must be something very wrong with you. For Jonathan, there is something very wrong about such an approach.


David, on the other hand is not a fan of Billy Joel, but does not have a problem with those who are. Instead he is angry about poor line etiquette, especially through the drive-thru. There needs to be organization, there needs to be efficiency, and there needs to be a good background track to every line just to keep things moving.


Matthew 5:13-16 – David and Jonathan discuss what it means to be a light in the world and salt for the earth as well as what a difficult demand this can be of the churches.


Watcha’ Into

Jonathan is into Colson Whitehead’s book The Underground Railroad – it is powerful and brilliant (or so says Jonathan)


David is into listening to music, especially “New Grass” (whatever that might be) as well as Shostakovich and Duke Ellington recordings.


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Next Episode – the Deep conversation with David Gregg about beauty and God