A Healthy Discomfort

April Beth Wiles joins Jonathan for this conversation about Liberals, sexuality and other things. April is our second child of a previous guest to be on the podcast (Paul Nuechterlein and Joel Nuechterlein being the first pair). April’s father is the one and only Tom Wiles. More importantly, April is a member of Berean Baptist Church in Burrillville, RI, an advocate a healthy spiritual life in chronic illness patients, and a fun and fun-loving individual. Read her blog about her experience with chronic illness and pain.

Riliage –

Jonathan is angry about Liberals – specifically those who don’t have compassion for people who are not at the same place as they may be. Not everyone can be as enlightened as you might be, and wouldn’t the world be boring if they were?

April Beth is ticked off about the attitude that many church people have towards sexuality and virginity. It even makes Jonathan shift uncomfortably in his seat to have the conversation. Yet church folk need to discuss the expectations, the pressures, and the taboos that are pushed (perhaps unduly) by a church culture.


Mark 5:21-43 – a great passage about healing, persistence, and how Jesus takes time to connect with those who are on the outside.

Watcha’ Into

April Beth is into Fandom Culture, especially with the various conventions of the comic book type that happen during the summer. It is great to have opportunities for people to geek out and dive into their fandom!

Jonathan is into playing in orchestras. During the summer he is part of a group that performs good works at a fairly high caliber and is a lot of fun. Find people to connect with who love doing what you love to do. Do things with people, especially if it is making music with others.


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Next Episode – the deep conversation with April Beth about being a Pastor’s Kid, family dynamics, and the church.