Losing Our Religion (That's Me In the Corner)

Guest Hosts – Paul Nuechterlein, Pastor of the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church of Portage, Michigan, Contributing Theologian for the Theology and Peace Community, creator of the Girardian Lectionary, and proud father of former guest host Joel Nuechterlein

Anyone who creates something called the “Girardian Lectionary” must really be into and excited about Rene Girard. Yup, that’s Paul. And while he said he wanted to talk about moving beyond religion, but he couldn’t help but mention Girard just a little, and then a little more, and then a little more. But that’s ok, we all like Girard… especially at a party.

One of the contributions that Girard offers is a way of moving beyond our basic human instincts to be better, and to not copy the negative, destructive desires of humanity. The conundrum is that Girard suggests that it is through Christ and the cross that we are freed from the negative aspects of our mimetic desires, but it is done universally. So are we pushed beyond religion, or are we saved through a specific understanding of Christian religion? Paul argues that the work of Jesus has universal implications saving us all from the constricting aspects of organized religion. Thus the grace and love of God can be experienced by a Hindu, a Muslim, and even a Baptist.

Jonathan wonders if this is moving beyond religion, or just universalizing Christianity. Why must he always cause trouble?

Rialage –

Jonathan is pro religious freedom and therefore against the recently passed “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” in Indiana. It isn’t about religious freedom, but freedom to be bigoted under the ruse of faith.

Paul is tired, really tired, of daylight savings time in Michigan. Just let them keep one time and they will all be happier.


Romans 3:19-28 – check out Paul’s translation of this passage on his nifty website

Watcha’ Into

Paul likes many things of popular culture, especially the television show Elementary, and the movie Gandhi as well as X-Men: Days of Future Past

 Jonathan is reading Schopenhauer and trying to find something interesting to say about Schopenhauer and music and truth. <<yawn>>

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