Holy Spirit Batman!

Guest Hosts – Josh Mancini, returns - Pastor of the Church of the City in Providence, RI

In the last episode with Josh, Jonathan was under the impression that Josh was a Calvinist and only a Calvinist, yet then he admitted that he was also a Charismatic Christian. A Charismatic Calvinist to be specific – a rare breed. Jonathan has had a previous conversation about the Holy Spirit (yet to be posted on the archives), but you can’t have too many conversations about the Holy Spirit.

With Josh, the conversation is about the difference between speaking in tongues and having an ecstatic experience with the Holy Spirit and the notion of the “Baptism of the Spirit.” Here is the take-away – the Holy Spirit will move as it will and make things happen that we cannot explain. People will experience the Spirit differently and because it is quiet and calm does not make it wrong. Nor is it wrong if one’s experience of the Holy Spirit involves noise, dancing, and speaking in tongues. The Holy Spirit can be experienced differently, but one form of experience should not be elevated above another.

Rialage –

Jonathan has had it with school testing. Yet understands that it is not the teacher’s fault, or the administrator’s fault, or anyone else’s –it is just a mess. And apparently he is also against using real estate taxes to fund schools. What does he want, free school for everyone.

Josh is against suffering, or at least the kind of suffering that some people claim they are experiencing. Read 1 Peter 4 and get an idea of what real suffering for one’s faith can look like and then you can complain. Otherwise, shut-up and pray more.


Romans 8:26 – groans and sighs does not mean speaking in tongues.

Watcha’ Into

Jonathan is trying to play himself off as young and hip and listening to the “Austin 100” – it is connected to the South by Southwest festival , so maybe he is hip. On the other hand it is through an NPR podcast, so he isn’t that hip.

Josh is reading Zack Eswine’s book Spurgeon’s Sorrows – it is good to know that even those who we might consider giants of our faith struggle with depression.

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