The End?

Guest Hosts – Paul Robeson Ford, makes is second appearance. Paul is the Sr. Pastor of the Union Baptist Church in Cambridge, MA and the Executive Director of the Boston Workers Alliance


The show to end all shows! Not really, but Paul and Jonathan talk at length about apocalypse, eschatology, and the importance such notions have on one’s theology of hope and faith in God’s presence. It is one thing to say that there is an end, but to say that it is in the hands of God is a profound statement of hope. It is saying that we are heading towards something better, something good that we can work towards. Paul reminds us all that we can “choose to be chosen” and thus a part of God’s great work that will come to full fruition in the end. Jonathan reminds us that there is a deep hope that can help us in the here and now when we realize the end of God’s great work (he gives the appropriate nod to Moltmann). The listeners have the hope that the podcast is only going to go on for so long and will not last forever. So eschatology leads to hope and not fear. Here’s hoping for the end!

Rialage –

Paul is not at all happy with Benjamin Netanyahu – not one bit

Jonathan is tired of sanctimonious Facebook pastors leaving their “knowing” comments on his page. Maybe they are trying to tell Jonathan something?


Matthew 24:13-14 – stay strong, it is going to be a happy ending

Watcha’ Into

Paul is watching the ABC television show “American Crime” – entertaining, gritty, but still able to show on network television.

Jonathan is reading John Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath – he should watch the movie, it would be quicker.


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