A Great Experience

Guest Hosts – Father John Reardon, Associate Pastor of the Church of the Holy Paraclete (where Fr. Jakob serves)


See if you can keep up with John and Jonathan, because it seems like they are very easily distracted by one idea and then another and then another. The point of them getting together was to talk about religious experiences and how they can help inform someone in their faith. A religious experience is something that connects with the greater, the deeper, the transcendent, has similarities and commonalities, but is also particular to the individual and his or her context. One of the questions is how to honor one’s religious experience, make room for a diversity of experiences, and at the same time keep to a sense of tradition. Some experiences may not make sense in different traditions and that is ok. It is not saying that some are right and others are wrong, but more that some will or will not make sense depending on the context. It is important to hold to lines of identity and at the same time honoring the multiplicity of experiences. Good luck with all this!

Rialage –

Jonathan wishes he understood the intent of his kids’ teachers and the homework assignments that are meted out. He needs to return to basic hermeneutics to try to get a handle on his issues.

John says he is calm and not angry about anything except paying taxes, political correctness, and wedding cakes.


A quick look at John 20:19-29 (not John 19) and the role of the experience of seeing Jesus in the presence and context of the community.

Watcha’ Into

Jonathan finished reading Morris Berman’s 1980s apocalyptic book The Reenchatment of the World – spoiler – the world doesn’t end

John is enjoying the fun Australian show Ms. Fischer’s Murder Mysteries

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