A Fight to the Text

Guest Hosts – Rev. Darin Collins, Pastor of the Berean Baptist Church of Burrillville, RI


Darin is back! Which is good, because someone needs to give Jonathan a hard time and Darin does this very well. For this episode Darin and Jonathan consider that perhaps there are some violent passages in the Bible and perhaps that may cause some difficulty to believers who like to think that God is all good and loving and peaceful. This should be difficult and challenging to readers of the text if they take the text seriously. It would be easy to simply dismiss those aspects of the Bible, but that would bring its own difficulty. Instead we are called to look closely at the different passages and ask what is going on, what is being said about God, and what meaning can we find in this text that might inform us today. The Bible is a collection of a multiplicity of passages that speak to a variety of experiences. Perhaps the text is not reflecting the violent nature of God but instead the violent nature of humanity. Good luck!

Rialage –

Jonathan is angry about self promoting prosecutors pushing the death penalty for their own fame and glory.

Darin, on the other hand, is way too happy and needs to find something to get angry about. Jerk.


Psalms 137 and 139 – happy, peaceful, violent, honest psalms

Watcha’ Into

Darin is watching MASH – good show, but wasn’t it cancelled about 25 years ago?

Jonathan is into self-aggrandizing Baptist theologians… in other words, himself and Baptist conferences

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