My Truth, Your Truth, Everyone's Truth

Guest Hosts – Dan Higgins – Freelance Editor and Adjunct Professor at the University of Buffalo for Composition and Writing

While the show is not about Buffalo, it should get some kind of funding from the Buffalo Tourism Industry for all of the press Buffalo got. Apparently Dan is very excited about Buffalo. That makes one person.

Jonathan and Dan have gotten together to talk about truth which is a moving target. Or at least this is what they would argue, that the notion of truth is subjective. Now there are those who would argue that truth is a firm reality that cannot be argued or moved or changed. Yet so much rests on how truth is presented, the point of view, etc. Facts may be firm, but the truth that facts point to can vary and change depending on how you look at it, understand them, and how they are presented.

Now consider this in the context of religion. Many people in a faith community might argue that faith is about truth and that truth is a certainty. Yet crazy folks, like Jonathan, would say that the truth of religious communities vary and change depending on the stories and the identity and the subjectivity of those within those communities. So there is truth, but it is a moving target.

Rialage –

Stay out of the traffic circles – seriously – Dan will cuss you out!

And don’t baptize infants if you are a Baptist because then Jonathan will cuss you out!


John 18:33-38 – what is Truth and what does Jesus or Pilate know about it?

Watcha’ Into

Jonathan is into Washington D.C. – a magical place

Dan is playing is guitar which is gently weeping and wants to kill your mamma


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