Happy, Friendly Atheists

Guest Hosts – Joel Nuechterlein, Barista at the East Greenwich, RI Starbucks and a general good guy

Continuing his “heathen  Suite,” Jonathan talks to Joel Nuechterlein about faith and belief. Joel, the son of a Lutheran pastor, has come to a place where he does not believe in the presence or existence of God at all. In their conversation Jonathan wonders about the place of community and the awareness of the transcendence without a faith community. Apparently people still get together and are nice to each other without the idea of God.

For Joel the important thing is to be respectful – for the believer and the non-believer. It is important to understand that people come to their positions of belief through different paths and you need to have a space of respect for those positions. Don’t be a “d**k.”

Maybe Jonathan will hear this plea and take it to heart.

Rialage –

Jonathan is a coffee shop snob and doesn’t like it when people take up more table space then is necessary or when they sit down at tables and don’t buy anything. Grr.

Joel offers our second rialage against the anti-vaccination movement. Double grr!


Psalm 14 – again, don’t be a “d**k”

Watcha’ Into

Joel – comic movies and the like – especially Agent Carter. This is probably the third time that show has been recommended… maybe it is pretty good.

Jonathan is into the Israeli movie Footnote, not to be confused with the American movie Footloose

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