Guest Hosts – Rev. Michael Mercier, Director of Spiritual Care for Rhode Island Hospital and Hasbro Children’s Hospital and Pastor of Allendale Baptist Church

Suffering. For those of you who are avid listeners of this podcast, and read all the show notes, and follow the Facebook page, you are no stranger to suffering. Neither is Mike, who spends a lot of time in hospital rooms – not because he is sick, but because he is a chaplain – knows a little bit about suffering as well. Jonathan and Mike discuss the different types of suffering, different ways to understand suffering. Sometimes suffering can be good and redemption, and sometimes it just sucks.

A key component to dealing with suffering, especially the suffering of others, is empathy. It is important to try to understand where people are coming from, what they are experiencing, and to know that everyone’s suffering is different.

Don’t try to explain suffering, just be in it, walk with others in it, and maybe you will find a way through it. Maybe, just maybe, you will even find God in the midst of the suffering.

Rialage –

Mike has newborn triplets. Need we say more? Sure. He is also ticked off about people playing politics with our veterans but never following through with real help. Jerks.

Jonathan is prepping to go on a mission trip and is ready to be done with the whole thing. Maybe Jonathan needs to remind himself about suffering a little more and remind himself why we go on mission trips. Jerk.


Ecclesiastes 1:2-5, 12-14 – it is the original existential nihilism, and it is in the Bible!

Watcha’ Into

Mike has newborn triplets, so he is kinda into sleep. He is also into Greg Boyd’s writing, especially God of the Possible, and God at War.

Jonathan is into Anton Dvorak’s Serenade for Winds – a wonderful piece of classical music. Nerd.


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