What Me Believe?

Guest Hosts – Dan Bertwell, local RI resident, obscure historian, and one of the hosts of the Near Mint Comic Show podcast

For all of those who say the show does not reflect any diversity we offer this episode. Here we have someone who is not of the Christian tradition, nor the Jewish, nor anything else. We have an avowed agnostic/atheist (leaning more towards the agnostic side).

Jonathan and Dan talk about what it means to have faith or to not have faith. For Jonathan two important aspects of faith that he lifts up are hope and community. He wonders about a profound hope that he finds in his faith – is it necessary to have such a hope. In addition, through a church, a community can be found that has a depth in connection that Jonathan wonders if it could be found elsewhere.

Dan, on the other hand, notes that he does have a hope and that it is transcendent in nature, but not necessarily connected with any kind of Holy Other. And as for community, he has his family, his circle of friends, and the comic books that he reads. What else does he need?

Believing seems to be hinged on a choice. There is a moment when someone can chose to believe or to not believe and then live life accordingly. The risky part of this is that it takes away an ontological reality that many people (believers or non-believers) like to hold to and instead say that we just do not know. So choose one or the other and live.

Rialage –

Jonathan is ticked off about guests he has on the show who never listen to the show or even the episode that they are on. Dan, you better listen to this episode!

Dan is angry about the possibility for Boston getting the Olympics in 2024. Hopefully they won’t get it, but if they do is it really that important? Do we really need the hassle? Go instead for Springfield 2024!


Jonah 3:1-5, 10 – did it really happen? Who knows, but it makes a great story!

Watcha’ Into

Dan is loving the television show Agent Carter – he is not the first person to mention it with such accolades.

Jonathan read James Hilton’s classic Lost Horizon and says that it is “pretty good.” What an overwhelming endorsement.


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